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AE Construction is an industry-leading company in the Eastern US, offering a full range of asphalt & concrete construction and related services from the beginning of a project through completion.

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Monolithic Slabs

Efficient and cost-effective concrete foundation systems. Monolithic slabs are constructed with a single pour of concrete.

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Slab on Grade/Slab on Deck

This type of monolithic slab with integral footing created by pouring concrete thicker around the perimeter. It can be reinforced to support a larger load capacity.

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Rebar-reinforced concrete that supports the foundation of your construction and prevents foundation settling. Footings are imperative when constructing on unstable soil.

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Cast in Place Walls

A cast-in-place concrete wall system is an exposed structural system in removable forms. This technique lends itself to strength, serviceability, and durability in construction.

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Increase the utility of your site with aesthetically pleasing, reliable, durable, long-lasting concrete sidewalks and other sitework.

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Financial Stability

We provide knowledge, experience, and financial stability to handle all projects.

Quality + Speed

Due to our vast experience we minimize change orders by anticipating problems.

Turn-Key Pricing

The lowest prices on the east coast for labor, material, and equipment.

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We are committed to exceptional communication and project management, which allows us to work closely with builders, owners, contractors, and engineers to ensure success on every project.